Katleen en Petra from The Glory of Excellence

A mother and daughter company

Who we are

The Glory of Excellence is a company based in Ghent, Amsterdam and soon in Dubai. As mother and daughter we support hospitality staff and their team to grow from one, to two, to three Michelin stars. We do this in different ways, according to the needs of the hospitality-entrepreneur.

As we grew up in a hotel and have a solid background in HR, this makes us the perfect partner to take hospitality companies to the next level with respect for the profession, the team and the company itself. We want them to grow from great to excellent.

Values and vision

The Glory of Excellence stands for: authentic connections, learning across borders and respect for the profession and its people working in it. Our mission is to help all high-end hospitality companies to grow from great to excellent. 

We believe that success means something different to everyone. Therefore everyone has different needs to achieve that success. With our different services, we want to provide the necessary help for the chef and his team to grow. Grow on a personal level, team level and business level.

The team

Founder and ambassador of The Glory of Excellence, Katleen Penel

Katleen Penel

Founder & Ambassador

HR expert, business coach, mentor, motivational speaker
and author

Managing director and owner of the Glory of Excellence, Petra Forknell Penel

Petra Forknell Penel

Managing director & owner

Organizational wizard, HR coach, IT minded and loves to inspire and learn from people