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The Tables at AUGUST

The Kitchen Team of August, restaurant Antwerp
Nick Bril, Pieter Starmans and the team
© Robert Rieger

The August restaurant is curated and envisioned by well-known chef Nick Bril of neighbouring star restaurant The Jane. Nick has challenged himself to go beyond his signature style and has thought out a worldly inspired à la carte menu focusing on product, season and terroir.

Nick Bril chooses dishes that are straightforward and high on flavor. The execution is the responsibility of Pieter Starmans, a chef with experience in the Bril universe.

At age 19, Nick started working for Sergio Herman (Restaurant Oud Sluis), and quite immediately he fell in love with the kitchen rock & roll. This meant working extremely hard, trying to match perfection whilst creating an easy going and chill atmosphere instead of coming across stiff and impersonal.

Organizational resilience

Founder iDeeLab, coach

Ilse Dapper -  Internist, Intensivist and coach, founder iDeeLab

“As a person who likes to talk, laugh and inspire others I often get the question: ‘why do you like critical care medicine where bad things happen and sadness lies around the corner’. ‘In the ICU all masks fall off showing the real person behind the patient. As an intensivist I can help my patients both on a physical and mental level by connecting with them but also by connecting with my team and colleagues.”

 As founder of iDeeLAB Ilse provides inspiration, training and coaching for doctors. She learns how to be resilient, to adapt to change, and how to keep on going in a high-pace environment. 

Ilse will share her mission and experience with us on The Tables at August.

The Date

Thursday December 9, 2021

The Entry-fee

379,- (excl. VAT) Invoice from The Netherlands

The Time

18:00 - 22:30

The Location

August, Antwerp

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